Angela Rippon

Date: 07.05.13
Author: Louise Haywood-Schiefer
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In this months WI Life magazine there are 3 of my shoots featured. First up is the celebrity profile of Angela Rippon which I shot at the Alzheimers Association offices at the Angel Centre. As an advocate of the charity, the shoot was to bring social awareness to those suffering with the illness and to highlight this years Dementia Awareness week which runs 19-25th May.
With years of experience in front of the lens Angela was a true professional at posing. Whilst this is largely great for a photographer, sometimes it can be hard to engage properly and create a sense of spontaneity in the expression. After using up all my best patter and still not coaxing her into a conversation, I was fortunate enough that a dementia sufferer who Angela knew appeared and started watching the shoot. He was a really jovial character and instantly made her laugh, so I pounced on the opportunity to use him as my aide. I felt that she instantly relaxed around him and was incredibly grateful for his cheerful banter.
Angela Rippon
Angela Rippon
Angela RipponAngela Rippon

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