Bill Hanway

Date: 15.08.16
Author: Louise Haywood-Schiefer
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So you know the Olympics in Rio that we’re all enjoying because Britain are doing really well?
And how the Olympic Park looks really cool and has a funny blue running track?
Well Bill Hanway is the guy who designed it (with his company AECOM, and equally in this disclaimer I have no idea if this sweeping statement includes the blue track!).

Meeting in the company’s London offices on a hot Friday afternoon, Bill displayed his own Rio 2016-esque talents, simultaneously throwing, catching and juggling balls matching the games’ colours, all the while looking to the camera, smiling and looking natural. He faced the pressure and performed like a pro, making it a really fun end to the week.
I’m sure he is out there now reaping the rewards of such an enormous task successfully completed, watching the greatest events on the worlds stage…that he built.

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