Caitlin Moran for Time Out

It feels like I have been very busy this summer but none of the jobs I have worked on have been published so my blog has been looking a little dry…until now.
Like a back to school flourish, lots of my pictures have finally been dropping through the letterbox.
First up is the most recent feature to fall into my hands, when I photographed Caitlin Moran for Time Out magazine.
I was told the job would be in a pub in Crouch End on a friday night. Already alarm bells were ringing as I imagined a bustling pub with no space and too many drunken stragglers in the background, however the pub actually turned out to be a quiet locals pub where nobody seemed to care at my flash going off every other second. My brief was to photograph Caitlin Moran being interviewed by Time Out editor at large, Alexi Duggins using his cunning ploy to get her drunk so she would spill the beans.
Sounds pretty simple.
And it was.
Except Caitlin is a formidable drinker so what started out as a one hour interview and photo session turned into an amicable 3 hour friday night drink-fest which resulted in me leaving my purse in the pub (I had only had a couple too) and poor Alexi vomiting in the toilet and having a cab called for him.
And Caitlin? She got home and started ordering kids trousers on the internet.
Not only did we enjoy the drinks she was plying us with, I really enjoyed her company. She was a dream to photograph. Would do anything I asked and even came up with outlandish suggestions that I’m not sure I would have asked of her. It was just like having a few wines in the pub with a great mate; only a mate with the most insanely funny life stories which make me excited to go and grab a copy of her book so I can read more!
You can see the feature online here