Camden Lock Market

Date: 22.07.13
Author: Louise Haywood-Schiefer
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A recent 3 day commission for Camden Lock led me to document 69 stalls around the market. The images are being used to create individual stall profiles on their website and the brief was loose as long as I captured wide shots of the stalls, food shots and a portrait of each stall-holder.
Camden is one of those wonderfully vibrant, buzzing places that before I moved to London I would visit every time I journeyed South, however since moving here I have only been a handful of times. This job got me hooked again.
The place is full of amazing food stalls and interesting gifts, music and art, not to mention the fantastic characters who work there. The generosity of the traders meant I had Fish and Chips for breakfast, Dutch Pancakes and Falafel Wraps in abundance, and I got offered plenty more if I could have forced it down.
Although it was quite tricky stealing shots during the busiest days of the market, it was a great job to get and I will definitely be off up to Camden until I have eaten my way through the rest of it.











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  • Hi,

    Wow I love your work, these pictures of the Camden stalls really stand out. I love the character each photo has. I am currently studying photography at the minute and am going to document market stalls this weekend. I wondered if you had any advice when approaching people and asking to photograph them? I am still very new to documentary photography, but I really want to give it my best shot!

    Thanks so much, Paige.

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