This week I had an impromptu road trip to Dungeness with my brother who had a day off from work. I have been wanting to go to Dungeness for ages, romanticised frequently by images of a stark landscape with washed up boats, ramshackle houses and imposing power station. Whatever floats your boat I hear you cry, but I really do enjoy these kinds of scenes. MY brother was less enamored but seeing as he wasn’t driving he didn’t get much choice and he was happy just to have a day without work. Also I think he was still drunk from his Stag do last weekend so he clearly didn’t fully understand what he was letting himself in for.
I suppose the weather needs to be awful to add to the dramatic aura but when we arrived we couldn’t even get out of the car for the torrential rain which had been a mere shower when we left London. Our inappropriate ‘spring’ clothing choice that day wouldn’t have survived a milli-second out there without becoming a sponge. So we left for Rye to add to the already longer than planned car journey, which had already almost taken us to France as I ended up in the Euro-Tunnel dispatch. (still not sure how I managed that).
Anyway after a lovely pub lunch we returned and although still grey and showery, I made Paul stand out in the rain next to the sea whilst I took some photo’s just for fun. And it was fun. And here they are.