Eunice Woolcock

Eunice Woolcock is locally proclaimed as ‘The Pasty Queen’ due to the delicious Cornish Pasties that she produces. She is also a member of the Womens Institute and as the organisation enters it’s 100th year, they are celebrating some of their most longstanding members. At an impressive 94 years old, Eunice is one such lady who has been a member of her local Cornish WI for 65 years.

The morning spent with Eunice was worth every second of the five and a half hour train journey to visit her (not to mention the same trip back). She was charging around making sure we all had tea and coffee and fussing over us as we entered her home from the rain. The small house she lives in is a treasure chest of all her lifelong collectables and current craftmaking which she sells for charity at local fetes.

There was so much to look at and so many cherished memories present. She had a unit in her living room that was piled full of ornamental animals and beautiful glassware that reminded me of being a kid and visiting my Auntie Brenda. On every visit she would let me take something out of the cabinet to look at or play with, often I would be allowed to leave with it to proudly place in my own room. This probably began my unhealthy obsession with ornamental animals, many of which are dotted around my current flat, much to the exasperation of my husband.

Eunice was no stranger to being in front of the camera and was unfazed by all my lighting kit cluttering her house. In 2013 her and her pasties were competing for ITV’s Food Glorious Food, where she won the regional final and of course we were presented with some of the home-made treats to enjoy for ourselves. They were definitely worth the trip!

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