Katherine Ryan

Date: 06.06.17
Author: Louise Haywood-Schiefer
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As I strolled in the sunshine on my way to meet comedian Katherine Ryan I have to say I was a little nervous. Not because I was stressed about the logistics of the shoot, no, it was the nostalgic sense of essentially getting to hang out with the coolest girl in school for an hour. As you get older you think that stuff leaves you but, lets face it, I was about to spend time with someone who is incredibly funny, intelligent, sassy AND super pretty. That’s quite an intimidating prospect, I was desperate she wouldn’t think I was a total dork.
Having seen her on panel shows and on other TV shows, I am in awe of her measured and quick wit, which is not just funny, but can often be used to silence misogynists and anti-feminist rhetoric without getting heated. I’m one of those people who gets intensely emotive by the injustice but am lucky if I think of a successful comeback even three days later.

She opened the door with an entourage of small dogs at her feet, jumping up to greet me, we started the shoot and I very soon realised she is also really nice (add that to the bloody list…)



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