London Children’s Ballet

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of visiting the London Children’s Ballet¬† for The London Magazine on two occasions during rehearsals for their interpretation of Nanny McPhee.

It never ceases to amaze me how flexible and graceful adult ballet dancers are, yet couple this with the limberness of a childs gait and you have something pretty special. The way they skipped about performing jumps, pirouettes (and of course all the technical ballet moves I do not know the names of!) would infer they were almost weightless.

The children range from 9 years upwards so many are at the very start of their potential career. Although they have much to learn, they all share the enthusiasm and energy which, when controlled by choreographer Erico Montes, creates a really beautiful spectacle. I didn’t get to see the show in it’s entirety, but from the snippets I saw in rehearsal, I’m sure it was a fantastic success.

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