London Food Month Food Fight

Date: 04.07.17
Author: Louise Haywood-Schiefer
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In honour of last months London Food Festival, I photographed a set of the contributors, rising stars of the London food scene, having a food fight in a studio. As they all do such different cuisine, the vibe was very much a colourful kids party: party rings, cupcakes, sausage rolls… basically an ASDA buffet section with some fruit thrown in for colour.

It was intense, there were a million shots to get, different groupings of people, individuals and of course the main event, the actual food fight but I LOVED IT.

It was one of the most mental, manic and hideously messy shoots I’ve done for ages and it was bloody brilliant. Everyone was up for being involved, no-one took themselves too seriously, and when my brain was beginning to lose the ability to think of new ways to play with food, they were coming up with ideas too, juggling cakes, tossing doughnuts, biting into pineapples. It was amazing.



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