Lord Falconer

A couple of weeks ago I rocked up at Labour HQ to photograph Labour Peer and barrister Lord Charlie Falconer.  Just days before the general election I had expected it to be hubble of activity and noise but actually it was serenely quite the opposite.

Lord Falconer swept in, on time, his staple snack of diet coke and melon in hand (he famously shed over 4 stone in 2012) and full of relaxed, jovial banter. He was dressed in an equally casual manner which again I hadn’t expected, but warmed to on instant.

Though I only had twenty minutes with him, it certainly didn’t feel rushed, his chatty demeanour and lighthearted approach to posing only made me like him more. Considering he must have a lot on his plate having been tasked with getting Labour ready for the Government should they win, I was very grateful for the energy he gave me during the shoot

These shots form part of a larger feature which will be published in Civil Service World shortly, meanwhile the web interview is shown here.

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