Merry Christmas

For my last post of 2012 it’s only fitting that it should be with Christmas in mind.
I love this time of year for many reasons but a large part is because I get to showcase my beautiful array of tree decorations. The minute December arrives I’m up in the attic, precariously dragging down boxes full of baubles, lights and ornamental Santas.
I got my first tree when we moved into our current flat four years ago. My mum kindly donated some old decorations which no longer fit with the colour scheme of her own, and to my delight they were some of my favourites from our family tree. My mum has always collected decorations from her travels, so I discovered a boot from Texas, a bell from Prague, an egg shaped Santa from Cologne…
These days I add to my collection whenever I go anywhere new so that each Christmas my tree will be full of little memories of my own travels and of those whom are kind enough to donate new additions.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2013