Patrick Cox

Patrick’s house is amazing, not least for the fact that you are greeted at the door by two chubby, squat bulldogs who wrestle and groom each other in typical love/hate sibling manner. The next thing I noticed was how handsome Patrick is, in particular what beautiful eyes and smile he has; lovely teeth. I know, I know, I’m not exactly his type, but I’m allowed to appreciate beauty when I see it, he’s friendly and warm too which is charming.
The next observation is that he appears to colour co-ordinate his outfits with his house, but then he is a designer. Everything is tastefully curated in muted hues and opulent gold baroque, yet still feels homely. It’s posh and arty but not soulless, each artefact has a story behind it which I really enjoyed hearing during the shoot.
patrick_cox-4446 patrick_cox-4509 patrick_cox-4536