Psychologies Magazine ‘Lucky’ Dossier

I recently had my first shoot for Psychologies magazine which turned out to be a rather lovely three-part portrait section for the Dossier section with this month’s theme of ‘lucky’.

The thing I love about ‘real life’ shoots is that the subjects are often enthusiastic and really welcoming and this was very much the case in this instance. It’s also a nice change to have a series of images to plan and work with. Often my shoots are quite singular, focusing on one person per feature which allows you a particular freedom. When you have more than one to do, the challenges of tying them in visually, when you have no idea of the environment you will be working in, can be fun to take on.

The main problem we incurred was to make the early april gloom emulate a June summer’s day. Fortunately by using brightly coloured clothing and a bit of light trickery this was possible, but I did feel for them being outside in the drizzling rain and freezing cold…particularly as I stood in my big coat (I did feel bad if that’s any consolation).

I’m not sure how lucky they felt in those conditions!

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