Sadiq Khan

In the run up to the recent London Mayoral election, I photographed Sadiq Khan at Labour HQ. Expecting him to be busy and stressed from last minute canvassing, instead he greeted us with a calm, cheerful demeanour, branded campaign mug in hand. He had a firm handshake which is always a good sign and, as I later found out, a mutual appreciation of the Zayn Malik song Pillow Talk which he had just bought (I just could not get that song out of my head at that time) so he was well on the way to winning my vote.
The room itself was pretty boring, but it had one of my favourite things, a nice corner, so I placed him there for a few shots, changed the lighting around and also made use of the ceiling tiles for some.
He’s now been elected and I can honestly say I found him to be warm, engaging and passionate about London, (I swear it wasn’t just the Zayn Malik thing that swayed me) so it looks hopeful that London made the right choice.

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