Sir Terry Pratchett

Date: 17.10.12
Author: Louise Haywood-Schiefer
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In this weeks Big Issue you will find evidence of my privileged hat shopping escapade with Sir Terry Pratchett.
After a few organisational problems at the original location (the manager of the hotel hadn’t been told by his staff that we were coming) I cheekily asked if I could tag along with Sir Terry and his PA whilst out hat shopping. To my absolute delight they agreed and we were led to Bates hat store on Jermyn Street which is a regular haunt for them. The manager and staff were very hospitable (for which I am very grateful) and provided us with plenty of different headgear to try on throughout the shoot.
After stating that his only stipulation was for the hat to be black, midway through Terry asked if he could make a suggestion to wear the most inappropriate hat in the store…certainly! Instantly out came the Sailor hat which he managed to pull off quite well I thought.
It was the perfect location for a shoot with such a hat enthusiast and I’m thrilled I got to tag along.

6 Responses to “Sir Terry Pratchett”

  • Very beautiful pictures! The third picture is my favorite, definetely. All with that creepy cat in tall hat and the expression of Sir Terry! As a big fan of his work and a amateur photographer myself, I trully envy you for your little escapade with Sir Terry Pratchett.

    Congratulations for your good work.

  • I have always been very fond of hats and the ones I saw on the head of Sir T.P. are smashing as are the others I saw in your shop. It is a pity that hats are not fashionable any more in the eyes of the general public. My dearly departed amant was fond of Borsaliino`s and the author of this message was quite beautiful in pillowboxes with a voile…..
    I hope your shop will be there for ever and ever, because selling those beautiful hats is an art , which should be cherised and sustained by everybody. How does one do that? Buy those hats and be your own ravishing self.

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