American Adventure

When I was a kid growing up in Derby, there was an incredible theme park nearby called The American Adventure. It had a Wagon Wheel caravan ride, Rocky Road Rapids, bins in the shape of Grizzly Bears, saloon bar eateries and my ultimate favourite, a cowboy show with fake guns and falling-of-a-balcony stunts. It was as incredible as it sounds. Unfortunately it got shut down and bulldozed a few years ago and I am sad that I can never go there again- well actually I did go with my camera to photograph the remains of the site back in 2008 which can be found in a blog post here
However, last year I went on my very own American Adventure in the form of a road trip that took me from San Francisco, through the Redwoods into Oregon and the hipsterville town of Portland. I then got the train to Seattle (utterly beguiling), flew to New York and caught a Mega-Bus (cheap-skate) to Boston. Though I didn’t bump into any fake cowboys or ride a bucking bronco on this adventure, the real thing was even more incredible.