Daisy Change WI

Comfortably sailing into 100 years of it’s existence, the Women’s Institute has shed it’s tweedy ‘Jam and Jerusalem’ stigma in recent years. Primarily acknowledged as a campaigning force to be reckoned with, the organisation champions an array of issues affecting society, not just those surrounding female empowerment and equality.
Membership has reached an all time high of over 212,000 women, with new groups rapidly popping up around Britain including a revolutionary emergence of one within the confines of a Women’s Prison.
Daisy Change WI is another exciting recruit, holding meetings within the grounds of the Fulbourn Mental Health Trust. The group is strictly for female service users, carers and staff, and having been strongly supported by it’s neighbouring Cambridge WI’s, the aim is to create a network of support whilst there that can be transferred to other local groups upon release from the hospital. I visited the ‘crafty’ launch party (consuming plenty of cake in the process!) to document the historic opening.