WI Life April Issue Cover

Date: 04.04.13
Author: Louise Haywood-Schiefer
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Great news, another month, another cover!
This time the subject was WI member Tracy Potter and her daughter Eve who run Hair Fairy Salon in Liverpool which specialises in contemporary real hair wigs for people who have lost their hair.
Aside from one of my lights blowing up on the shoot, it was pretty successful I think. Just a reminder that it is worth all that money spent on backup equipment…!
Tracy and Evehair_fairy_2013b_smlhair_fairy_2013a

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  • Wow Louise! I adore the pics! See what you mean about those shoes – wonder if they’d suit Ross? 😉 Good to know he’s as full of character in real life, and so cool. I read an interview with him recently and they asked him which person he admires most and he said his Mum; ‘She’s dope’ – so sweet!

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