AAT Award Winners

In my job I often get to meet brainy accountants and financial experts with years of experience, but this shoot was different, featuring instead the rising stars of the accounting world all of whom were under 30. Having tipped over that age bracket already, this shoot did nothing for my self esteem. They were all young, highly intelligent and at the top of their game, oh and good looking too. Excellent.
The shoot took place in the gorgeous Sunbeam studios. As award season was upon us, we needed a stylish, glamorous location and you would be hard pressed to find another studio better than this. High ceilings supported by marble columns, monochrome tiles checkerboarding the floor and splashes of gold dotted around to suggest, yet not overemphasise, the grandeur.The feature spanned several pages, so I photographed each person individually, then made use of the helpful staircase (which randomly leads to nowhere) for two options on a group shot. I was really pleased with the results, the staircase was made for group shots, though I do think it’s lacking a lurking Diane Keaton in a hat figure as in Annie Leibovitz’s recent Vanity Fair Oscars shoot

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