Ada and the Shoemaker

I have been frantically working on a new website so have been loathed to post any images until the new one was up and running, however it looks like it may have to be launched in the New Year. Probably a good thing, out with the old, in with the new…
So before I make my getaway up to the Midlands for Christmas, I have a Christmassey shoot to post on here which was done in collaboration with my good friend Jessica Johnson for this years Christmas edition of the Transmitter magazine.

Ada (a leather worker) and Teemu (a shoemaker) live in Crystal Palace with their two children. Our brief was to discover how our Scandinavian counterparts spend Christmas in the Uk; which traditions they have adopted and those they harbour to preserve their Finnish heritage.
During the course of the story, we were allowed to visit Ada at her workplace (Rooks Books) which was a beautiful workshop littered with an abundance of leather, tools, glue and a couple of studio cats who were tasked to fend of any mice who may pass through.