Afrikan Boy for Time Out

For last weeks Time Out, I was awarded another fun shoot. This time the subject was hip hop and grime artist Afrikan Boy.
Once again, shooting conditions weren’t ideal. The theme of the shoot was to convey AB’s involvement with the African Express, therefore the magazine suggested the rather glamorous setting of Peckham Rye rail station…except we had no official permission so it was all a bit guerrilla style.
Now I’m no train enthusiast but I am an optimist and I’m familiar with this particular station so I knew of a couple of places which I thought could work both in and around the station, also on the plus side as I left my flat the sun was shining so we would hopefully get a chance to emulate that beautiful African sunshine.
Five minutes before the shoot the heavens opened so much so that I had to buy myself an emergency cagoule. Great way to meet a cool musician; completely sodden and dressed in a geeky anorak. Fortunately for me, AB was totally unpretentious and a super enthusiastic and fun guy. He wasn’t put off by the driving rain and even trapsed around Peckham carrying a battered old suitcase I had acquired for the shoot (waiting for the express, geddit?)
What could have been a complete nightmare, ended up being a fun hour hanging out in er Peckham train station.