Alex Kammerling of Kamm & Sons

There’s a new aperitif on the market just in time for those hazy Summer evenings that we are all dreaming of and can almost imagine in this current clime. Last week I got to try a sample.
Staying true to it’s British heritage, the list of botanical ingredients is reminiscent of all the goodies one could forage on countryside walk; berries, nuts, roots, leaves and flowers to name but a fraction.
The pioneer who concocted this creation is Alex Kammerling, a former sculptor who became a bartender to supplement his income yet through this kindled an interest in flavour combination and cocktail making. Although Alex was the brainchild, the brand eagerly promotes it’s family heritage regaling his father, grandfather and great-grandfather all of whom have added to the story and together give the drink it’s name of Kamm & Sons.
Alex described it as being between a Gin and a Campari and although I’m not much of a Gin-person, I have to say this was delicious and went down particularly well with his suggestion of a bitter lemon. I know what I will be drinking this Summer…