Alexandra Nurseries

Discreetly tucked away in a corner of Penge, South East London, lies the wonderland that is Alexandra Nurseries. From the surrounding road you would hardly guess what lies beyond the unassuming brick wall. Sure, there are a few plants scattering the pavement in front so you might guess it is a nursery, but it isn’t until you pass the gated threshold that you fully get the gist.

Inside lies a charming grotto of hanging vines, rainbow plant assortments which greet you from quirky antique typewriters and ancient pots, crocheted blankets adorning the exterior tables and chairs waiting to protect you from an outdoor chill, and a beguiling scent of fresh flowers mixed with freshly made coffee, drawing you further into the small on-site tea rooms. It’s one of those places you might remember from a Disney movie, like that romantic scene in The Little Mermaid when the reeds and rushes come alive as the rowboat carrying Ariel and Prince Eric passes through them.

Ok, so that might appear over dramatic, but the whole place feels like a growing, evolving organism, encouraging you to duck beneath hanging foliage and around sprawling plants as you traverse through the grounds.

It’s a place that you can tell has lovingly been crafted by proprietor John and his team, embracing each season by hosting local craft beer evenings and outdoor music in the Summer, through to the log burning Christmas craft markets in the Winter.

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