Aswin Gunawan

Often on corporate jobs, you expect to find a similar looking office setting that you have to try to turn into an interesting backdrop for your subject, however the morning I arrived to photograph Aswin Gunawan from Singapore property developers Sinar Mas Land, I was gifted with an incredible room to shoot in.
The location was in a meeting room of a new building on Bishopsgate with stunning views of East London, graciously displayed through the floor to ceiling windows. There’s no way I would be able to concentrate if I had a meeting in that room. Plus, it was a gorgeous autumnal day, one of those where there’s a chill in the air, with a gorgeous sunshine to illuminate our view.
Aswin also completely nailed it with his attire. The muted tones of his jacket complemented the room but instead of wearing a full suit, he was dressed in super smart, dark coloured jeans with a turn up to display a stylish flash of red sock. His cheerful demeanour also made the ten minutes I had to photograph him in more than enough time, before he had to dash off to the airport to return home. I lingered as I was left to pack up, eeking out every last minute to absorb such a great view.

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