Baroness Dianne Hayter

This was one of my more rapid shoots, which was a shame because it was in the House of Lords and I had hoped to get a mini-tour. I think I had fifteen minutes total to set up and photograph the Baroness Dianne Hayter in her shared office. I am used to tight timings with subjects, and am often unfazed particularly if I have adequate time to set up, but the problem here was that I had no idea it was such a short shoot. So there I was chatting away, leisurely putting up my light until she gently flagged that she would have to show me out the door in ten minutes. Mild panic ensued of course, but we managed to utilise every second of that ten minutes by charging ahead and producing two separate shots before I scrambled my kit together and was escorted out of the building. Talk about a whirlwind. However, Dianne couldn’t have been nicer and had lovely smiling eyes, so it meant that we got plenty of usable shots even in such a short time frame. Makes me exhausted just thinking about this one.

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