Barry Gardiner MP

The last General Election proved to be a story with many twists and turns, it presented new villains in our Political establishment but also uncovered unlikely new heroes. Softly spoken Labour MP Barry Gardiner proved to be one such hero of the Labour campaign, thrusting into the social media limelight after several TV appearances where he dismantled various media establishments and journalists for giving what he felt to be an unfair bias towards the Tory party. He showed an inner steel that stood in contrast to his outwardly charming, friendly demeanour and Labour supporters up and down the country loved it.
I found him to be one of the nicest Politicians I’ve photographed so far, with a soothing Scottish lilt his popularity around Westminster became ever more clear as we moved outside. Not only were there cheerful greetings and gentle teasing from passers by he eventually got photobombed by a colleague.