Behind the scenes at ‘First Dates’

I readily admit to loving my job, it’s smug I know and I’m sorry, I feel incredibly lucky to be meeting the people I do.
HOWEVER, the afternoon I spent hanging out with the ‘First Dates’ production team almost turned my head. They have SO MUCH FUN!

I was there to document the selection process where they pair up couples they think might work well together for the hugely successful Channel 4 show. They basically get all the staff together around a massive table and barter with each other as to who they think works well, why they disagree, who would be better instead. It’s loud. It’s feisty. It’s bloody fun. Imagine holding someones future happiness in your hands (each potential pairing is printed on coloured paper dependent to their sexuality and gender), knowing that if they hit it off, and there have been some very successful stories, it was all down to you. They are real life cupids.

I wanted to have a go myself, but I was there to document and then photograph the production team (Barnaby, Vari and Kim) who make it all so lively and inclusive. Sometimes I go to places I don’t want to leave and this was definitely one of those times.