Bel Powley

Today marks the release of the film ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl‘ featuring British actor Bel Powley.

The film is a bold, female-centric depiction of a teenagers sexual awakening. Bel plays the protagonist, 15 year old Minnie, who seduces and sleeps with her mother’s boyfriend, a man twice her age. The film is seminal in it’s exploration of this time from a female point of view. So often ‘coming of age’ films are viewed from a male perspective, so it’s great to see a film attempting to redress the balance with humour and conviction.

The shoot took place in the Soho Hotel which is known for it’s, er, ‘avant-garde’ decor. Usually when confronted with a room with no variation of a backdrop, I would begin to sweat, but the bold room I was given to photograph Bel in really worked with her youth and sense of fun. She was also wearing the perfect top to compliment all those flowers on the wallpaper- who doesn’t love a bit of pattern on pattern.

The shoot is featured in this weeks Time Out London.

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