Burger Wars-aw

In February I had a very exciting commission which I have been patiently awaiting to be published and, yikes, it is now ready for the world to see.
The job was to travel to Warsaw for Wizz airline in flight magazine to profile five of the hottest eateries specialising in Burgers for the cover feature, yet focusing on the people behind the burgers rather than the food itself.
The concept was to pitch it as a kind of Burger War between the establishments, although everyone we met was super cool so found it hard to be so po-faced for the shoot.
Although we had to battle with minus 5 Polish temperatures for three of the venues, we fattened ourselves up by eating copious free burgers which were totally delicious and quite experimental in their offerings of toppings and sauces.
The feature was for a magazine rebrand so Callum the art director and I had a lot of pressure on ourselves to deliver the goods but I was so happy with the results. Not knowing how each place or person was going to look was the worrying part as many of the vans don’t have websites, however, they all happened to look great and quirksome of their particular establishments. It was especially nice to have a girl amongst the group.
Callum was great to work with and I am really thankful to him that I got to experience a (burger) taste of Warsaw.