Carrier Company

For the Coast magazine November Craft Special, I made a trip to sunny Norfolk to photograph Tina Guillory and the ladies at Carrier Company. Renowned for their hard-wearing, utilitarian style clothing and bags, Carrier Company also prides itself on making all it’s wares locally by a group of skilled semi/retired ladies who fit the process in around their daily lives.

The weather was beautiful for the early Autumn trip and as ever when one leaves London for the countryside, the pace was leisurely and relaxing. Most of the time, I followed Tina around her daily chores like feeding the chickens, picking wares from her abundant garden which were later used as ingredients for a phenomenal lunch which she supplies most days to her on-site staff and anybody who happens to turn up at lunchtime it would seem.

The general vibe at Carrier Company appeared to be one of care.
Care for each hand-made garment.
Care for every worker producing each garment.
Care for the wearer of each garment.

Oh and also care that there should be a lot of fun throughout the whole process.

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