Chris Holmes a.k.a Mr Cake

As part of this weeks Time Out celebration of all things #yolo (You Only Live Once for those not clued up on street lingo) I got to meet a modern day hero who rather famously ‘socked it to the man’ by icing his resignation letter on a cake.
Chris Holmes (a.k.a Mr Cake) left his job at Stansted Airport to live his dream of starting a cake business. Having spent years doing the monotonous task of checking passports at the airport, he put his business plan in action, which gradually heralded the decision to resign and bake his wares full time.
For the shoot Chris had prepared his very own #YOLOndon cake which by all accounts was as delicious as it looked. We embarked on a really fun shoot and Chris was more than happy to muck in even to the point of letting me wipe a meringue warpaint on his face.
Chris’ story is a perfect example whereby taking the plunge to start something new can definitely pay off. #yolo peeps!