Christopher Owens

My final shoot of 2012 saw me in a studio which I was kindly able to borrow for the morning from the very generous and lovely Tom Oldham.
It was another job for The Fly and was of the super cool singer Christopher Owens.
Having been in the band Girls for several years, Christopher has now set out on his own and is shooting to fame with his solo career, alongside being the new face of YSL and being photographed by many great photographers including one of my heroes Ryan McGinley…no pressure there then!
The mag requested a moody Black and White shot which I gave them, but my preference is always for colour so I couldn’t help but monopolise on the opportunity to shoot someone with such a cool aesthetic in my own way.
Not many people can pull off a brown and cream tie-dye backdrop which looks like someone puked on it, but Christopher actually managed to make it look stylish. Along with a natty red broom I found in the studio, I really love the wide shots. Fortunately for me, Christopher looks and moves great so all is all it was a dream of a shoot.
The shoot is in the February issue of the Fly which you can see online here
Christopher OwensChristopher OwensChristopher OwensChristopher Owens