Clive Lewis MP

Spotting us in the atrium of Portcullis House, Labour MP for South Norwich Clive Lewis strides over with a friendly smile. Even though his day is stacked with busy meetings (it’s two days before he is announced as a minister for energy and climate change in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet), he seems relaxed about the amount of time we can have for both the interview and shoot.

His fuss free attitude extends to our shoot as we move outside, with him insisting on carrying one of my bags to help with the load. The late afternoon sunshine perfectly illuminates the grounds of Parliament producing photo opportunities everywhere. After a few shots in a small green space, we moved to the walkway which links the Houses of Parliament with Portcullis House. The light flooded in beautifully and Clive’s amiable demeanour really came through in the shots. In fact everything was going pretty well until I accidentally left one of my bags where I had been shooting and within minutes of realising I found a policewoman hovering over it. Of all the places to accidentally leave a bag, the Houses of Parliament might be one of the worst. Luckily for me it wasn’t blown up on the spot and I left with everything I had arrived with, plus a nice shoot with a lovely man.

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