Deborah Meaden

It’s not every day one comes close to a dragon, for me not since the days of being a kid and getting freaked out by Maleficent’s terrifying alter ego in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Some 26 years later and here I am, face to face with one of the longest standing members of the TV show Dragon’s Den, Deborah Meaden. I have watched the show before so was expecting the same no-nonsense, fierce persona to greet me on the shoot. Though I felt slight trepidation of this, I am also inspired by her drive and success as one of the nations most notable female entrepreneurs, so was quite looking forward to it too.

When Deborah arrived she was full of smiles and performed like a dream on the shoot, giving me humour, professionalism, and charm. I couldn’t have asked for more and was delighted to have proof that you can be incredibly successful in a ‘dog eat dog’ business world and still be a lovely person.

The shoot was featured in the Telegraph as an advertorial piece advertising electric cars and was photographed on location at one of Deborah’s most successful investments from the Den.

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