Dutch Uncles

At the start of the year I was asked to photograph Manchester band Dutch Uncles for The Fly.
As with many editorial features, I was merely given a date, a time and a rough geographical location (within a five minute walking radius of the venue they would be playing at later that evening).
With this in mind, I turned up in Dalston one late afternoon in January on the hunt for an indoor location (light levels were dropping) that would suit the band.
I started looking inside the array of cafes and turkish restaurants but these can quite often be a typical location in which to shoot a band. I wanted something different.
Just as I was beginning to resign myself to making the most out of a boring situation, my eyes feasted upon a wall of fake hair which was hanging in Blue Tit Salon. A vision of golden tresses. So beautiful!
Fortunately the owner of the salon was super cool and had no problem with us huddling around the tills whilst he was cutting customers hair.
The band were very good sports and seemed to relish the opportunities the hair presented by playing around making moustaches and pretending they were jesus which made life incredibly easy for me.
Always one to squeeze in an extra set up I was also awarded a wonderful back room of the same salon which looked as though I had been there earlier and propped it out with hammocks and great plants when actually I had just walked in off the street. I want to thank all at Blue Tit Salon for the incredible location which really made the shoot and of course the band who were great to shoot.
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