Ed Halliwell

I’m tootling along to Sussex in my car, visualising the quaint coffee shop I shall probably be frequenting on my early arrival to the shoot. Maybe I’ll have a cake, even though my Sat-Nav ETA suggests it will still only be 9.30am. Never too early for cake right?

I hit the M25 and there is traffic. No worries, I’ve only got to crawl one junction.

I try to leave at the junction for M23 and it is at a standstill. I’m instantly stressed but this is why I leave bags of time to get anywhere. 40 mins later and I have barely moved. It’s probably best there is no coffee available to me right now as I would be bouncing off the roof with the stress of it all. The Sat Nav arrival time is scarily adding an extra 20 mins per 2 that pass.

The time arrives that I have to contact Ed, my subject, to tell him I might be a little late (being tardy is my most hated thing), but it’s fine because Ed is a mindfulness teacher and writer and his calm demeanour reflects this. He has time, it doesn’t matter, don’t stress. I’m still stressed, having not quite achieved mindfulness myself, but of all the people to arrive late to, Ed is the best possible outcome.

The shoot itself was a really interesting one. Having worked in the thick of the London media scene as a journalist at FHM during the noughties, a few years ago Ed and his wife left London and moved to the country. Though much of his work is still in the capital (the following day he was actually heading to Westminster to give a class to some of the cabinet), the peacefulness of the small village in which he resides, enhances his practice.

Ed teaches at The School of Life in London, and has produced books on the subject of mindfulness (which I think I definitely should read!)

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