Facebook and Telegraph advertorial series

This month Facebook have collaborated with the Telegraph to produce a series of interviews and portraits with some experts within the company whose specialism it is to tackle cyber crimes such as fake accounts and terrorist content. I photographed six people in all, working alongside a film crew who are producing filmed interviews that will shortly be online, and here are the three published shots so far which include Erin Saltman, John Lyle and the vice-president of Facebook Northern Europe, Steve Hatch.

It was my first time at the Facebook offices and it felt like stepping into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Every floor had it’s own supply of free chocolate and drinks fridges from which you could help yourself, there was a designated donut bar and ice cream counter. The canteen was full of incredible dishes- food from around the world- and everything was free.

I know you’re meant to play it cool as an adult but come on, when presented with free food it’s still going to blow your mind, am I right?

I had two days of indulgence, I think I’d be the size of a house if I worked there permanently- oh except I wouldn’t because there are treadmills to walk on whilst you work if you so choose…

Mind. Utterly. Blown.