Gavin Stanley Skelhorn

Gavin Skelhorn is frontman to Rock and Roll band The Boom Boom Booms.
Originally from Liverpool, Gavin has grown up ensconced by the city’s great musical heritage and now performs in London not only with the band but also cast as Billy Fury and Eddie Cochrane, amongst others, in an array of theatre productions.
Having grown up close to an Auntie and Uncle who live and breathe Rock and Roll, I often found myself at dances jiving away with my mum (admittedly at the time I didn’t wholly appreciate it being in my awkward early teens), yet now I look back with fondness and love bopping away to a bit of Elvis!
Watching The Boom Boom Booms brings back a great nostalgia for me so I was thrilled to collaborate with Gav and create some portraits reminiscent of the early colour, dye sub rock and roll shots of musicians back in their heyday.