Geri Horner

I’ll come straight out with it, A SPICE GIRL COMPLIMENTED MY HAIR.

I am aware that this fact is interesting to nobody else at all on the planet, but after years of trying to find a style that doesn’t resemble a closed cup mushroom (my hair basically defies gravity and billows outwards as opposed to down), it would appear that my hairdresser *Emily has done the unimaginable and coaxed it into something that attracts praise from none other than Geri (Halliwell) Horner of pop stardom Spice Girl fame.

There were other highlights from this shoot of course, the fact that Geri is really down to earth and nice for one (no, not just because of hair-love), and she’s a total pro. Years of having been in front of the camera means that it’s very much a collaborative experience to photograph her. She’s open to suggestions and even adds to them, she knows which positions offer up the most lovely, elegant lines, and she also isn’t afraid to smile and laugh. I thought I would have next to no time and it would all be a massive rush, but Geri was adamant we spent as much time as she could offer to get a great shot that we were both happy with. I left feeling elated (yes, mainly because of hair-love), but also because it was way beyond my expectations which is always a nice result.


*Whatever alchemy has brought us together Emily, please don’t leave me.