Hairy Bikers

In this months WI Life there is a big feature with the bubbly northern chefs/tv personalities/stage performers on set of their theatre extravaganza ‘Hairy Bikers World’.
Designed to be a showcase of their entertainment talents, the show fuses an eclectic mix of cookery, stand up comedy and the odd element of magic to appeal to a broad spectrum of audience.
With just 20 minutes afforded to me out of their frantic schedule I managed to squeeze two set ups in their dressing room and on the stage itself where they performed to the camera like true professionals. It’s always a delight when you have limited time to find people at home with the camera and unafraid to play around and it is a testament to their characters that after all these years and such intense periods spent together on the road, they have a really warm friendship.
Hairy BikersHairy BikersHairy BikersHairy Bikers
Hairy BikersHairy Bikers