Hauptstadtwinzer Vineyard

Nestled in a quiet street of Berlins bustling hipster Kreuzberg district, is a rather surprising discovery. A vineyard. The morning I visited streamed with sunlight and warmth, and walking amidst the developing vines I felt like I was in the hills of provence- until I looked up and became aware of the neighbouring buildings sprayed with graffiti and a wailing of distant sirens which reminded me of my urban environment.

It’s owned by the council and run by a small group of volunteers with jovial wine-making experts Timo and Daniel at the helm. The grapes were tiny at the time I visited and the production rate is slow anyway, pretty much one bottle of wine a year, but you can tell it’s about more than quantity for these guys. It’s a real passion and opportunity to curate, craft and lovingly cultivate in a condensed world within a crazy city.