Hey Girls

Hey Girls are on a mission to eradicate period poverty in the UK. Set up by Celia Hodson and her two daughters, the company creates environmentally friendly, sustainable period products operating a ‘Buy One, Give One’ scheme- this means that for every item bought, a second gets donated to girls and young women in need. Having been a single parent herself on benefits, Celia has insight into the financial strain of buying period products with very little money. For many in a poor financial state, sanitary hygiene is often understandably compromised in favour of food and other daily living necessities. Not only are Hey Girls doing their bit to help by supplying these extra products, they’re also opening up the conversation about period poverty and recently worked with the Big Issue to create a supplement in the magazine which highlights this issue whilst also offering advice and general information about female menstrual health and wellbeing.

For the supplement I visited Hey Girls HQ spending a day photographing the team and the small but successful operation.