Jacqueline Gold CBE

Road trips out of town to the countryside are always welcome endeavours. I’m a city girl at heart but I can still appreciate the rolling hills and fresh air of my more rural upbringing and other than the dismal weather, my drive out to Jacqueline’s home did not disappoint.

With a sweeping driveway, the house is set back off the road offering stunning views from it’s situation atop one of those aforementioned rolling hills. It really is a beautiful place and is equally lovely inside. Calming too, decorated in muted natural tones with the exception of dominant black accents which add a sensual touch somehow. Plus where else would you go and be greeted by a giant Ann Summers trademark, er, Rabbit (an actual rabbit sculpture though, not the kind they are particularly known for don’t worry!).

Jacqueline herself is a very calming presence too, quietly spoken and serene. I’m not sure what I expected, often I suppose female entrepreneurs get painted as bolshy, loud caricatures in power suits, but Jacqueline certainly was not that at all, much to my relief.