Jess Glynne

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen quite so many people in such a small room. The studio was a sweet but tiny central London location which actually worked perfectly for the portrait of one person with a pulled out colorama for a floor shot. It just wasn’t so practical for the 9 person group that we became so there was a lot of squashing into sofas and sitting on whatever surface could be found. I was quite pleased I had the sanctum of the colorama divide to set my lights up and figure out the shots. However, the shoot went smoothly and although a little pressed for time following interview and hair and make up, we managed to get some shots which worked well for the cover and also an inside spread. As ever for a photographer, stress is quite often alleviated when the subject knows how to pose and as soon as she was in shot Jess did a great job at helping with that. Knowing how to move and what was required of her.