Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

One would imagine that every room in the House of Lords would be a spectacle to shoot in. That’s not necessarily the case.
Don’t get me wrong, we walked through plenty of amazing corridors, passing libraries, spacious offices and lounges, it’s just that we stopped and entered one of the tiniest. To add to my dismay, it also housed the largest table known to man, making me fear that we would all have to hit the floor and sort of army shuffle under it to get to the other side.
The wallpaper was regal and opulent, though I figured it would look quite cool to keep the shot fairly monochromatic by using a black backdrop to make it a little more moody.
It was one of my all time fastest shoots, about 3 minutes, yet throughout Justin was affable and certainly happy to try out my ideas. I really like the architecture of churches so I babbled on about one of my favourites, Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence which lies near Nice in the South of France. Henri Matisse designed it for a nun who nursed him in the final years of his life, it truly is beautiful and Justin loves it too so it was nice to have a brief connection and chat other than just the usual, ‘look to the camera, chin down, move to the side…’

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