Kaffe Fassett

Kaffe Fasset is an American artist most known for his colourful textile and needlecraft designs. He cites the hues of the Scottish countryside as the reason his career spun into knitwear. Having found some yarn on his first trip to Scotland which matched exactly the palette of the tones he had become inspired by, Kaffe purchased some knitting needles and on the train back to London got a fellow passenger to teach him how to knit.

Walking in to Kaffes home feels like Alice entering Wonderland.
The front door is an explosion of colourful stained glass which upon opening beams a dancing mosaic into the hallway.
The hallway itself is already a textural feast, boasting a gorgeous woodland scene on it’s wallpaper which is so unusual it fills you with excitement over what other wonders may await in this house.
There is one skylit room painted stark white, which we later discover is that of his partner and studio manager Brandon, the rest of the house is an explosion of colour and vibrancy. Textures and tones which one might think would clash, mix together in perfect harmony. The most grand of all being the dining room which is decorated with a collage of three wallpapers each printed in the same design but in different shades, adorned once more with eclectic ornaments, ceramics, furnishings and huge bourgeois floral garlands. The effect is incredible. Every room I entered made me gasp with a new delight as my brain tried to absorb the sight before me, let alone deciding upon where to shoot! I literally could have shot him in every room…and out in the garden which again was lovingly hand crafted with a mosaic patio and carefully chosen plants.
It truly was a photographers paradise, and Kaffe was incredibly easy and laid back to work with; a man at peace with himself and comfortable in expressing his personality. I made the most of our time there using four of the rooms and collecting enough usable images to have a whole exhibition yet also being careful not to outstay our welcome. However when we found ourselves walking up the path at the end of the shoot, we discovered suspiciously that the whole interview and photo session had only taken just over an hour.
Maybe it truly is a magical house.