Lilos in Suffolk

A couple of weeks ago I was commissioned to create an album cover for the new Motorcycle Display Team album. They had very firm ideas about the style and content of the image, and had settled on featuring a Spillway. Spillways are usually found in reservoirs and are giant holes within the body of water which prevent overflowing.
As I was drafted in to the project quite late on, I didn’t have time to visit an actual Spillway so instead I settled on getting the correct background scenery, which was the beautiful Suffolk lakelands.
We decided to get up early to get the best light for our landscape shots, so off we trundled at 5.30am waiting for that beautiful sunrise…except that glorious sunlight never came. It was the greyest day ever. We literally could have woken up at 12pm and got the same light, however when I took them back and looked through, it couldn’t have been more perfect for what we wanted.
The Spillway itself was created by the wonderful Ross Casswell plunging a bucket into icy water.
Then of course it was a day long photoshop job comping it all together, but at least it was a fun road trip.