Liz Bonnin

Midway through a comparison on our experiences of meeting the Dalai Lama, I realise again how absurd my job is. In a bloody brilliant way of course. The fact that I can even have that conversation is insane, let alone with a woman who has experienced and travelled so much of the world. Educated as a wild animal biologist and biochemist, Liz, in between conservation jobs abroad, can be found on our screens as a presenter of factual entertainment shows such as Bang Goes the Theory and Countrywise, amongst many others. She is a role model for women who are interested in science and recently spearheaded EDF’s Pretty Curious programme, encouraging teenage girls to pursue science based career paths.
Though hating having her photograph taken, she was happy to do a shot on the balcony even in full view of the meeting that was occurring in the glass walled room looking out onto where we were stood. It was much more awkward for them though as they had to stare at my backside squashed against the glass to enable me to get back enough for the shot. It’s impossible to be graceful in this job!

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