London’s top female Jewellery designers

Over two days I photographed four of London’s top female jewellery designers. I love jewellery, most of the stuff I pin on pinterest is either jewellery or baking related and I am always drawn to shiny pretty things in shops, much like a magpie…though without the stealing bit.

So this was a dream job for me. I got paid to go into beautiful showrooms I would never dare go into normally, and look at exquisite pieces I would never be able to afford, and say ‘wow’ a lot. Each designers style was so eclectic to the others, their showrooms distinct in different ways yet complimentary to the pieces it encased. Visually it was, er, gold (excuse the awful pun, I don’t know why I wrote that)

In order of image, Sabine Getty, Anna Jewsbury of Completed Works, Charlotte Dauphin and Eugenie Nicarchos of Venyx.