Marilyn Humphries

Marilyn is a bubbly, friendly, joyful lady. This sunny exterior exudes the determined, brave lady she is inside. A lady who recently overcame breast cancer by using holistic therapies, despite doctors advising her to go down the route of operations and chemotherapy . Chatting to her is insightful as you understand how her actions were incredibly opposed by medics which must have been incredibly stressful, during an already stressful time. Throughout the period she kept true to her laurels and managed to shrink the tumour herself, enrolling onto a mindfulness and holistic course called the Journey. There she met a mentor, whom she attributes a lot of her success to. Though she stresses that it’s a personal choice and may not be successful for everyone, you have to admit that she is an incredible example of the power of the positive mind.marilyn_humphries-3304 marilyn_humphries-3548 marilyn_humphries-3581